Broken rice (Com tam)

December 14, 2016

Broken rice is considered as a popular Traditional Vietnamese Food. They can eat broken rice anytime, in the morning, afternoon or even at night. Broken rice is usually served by street vendors who have extremely effective way to attract customers by fantastic smell of grilled pork.
Vietnamese Broken Rice - Com Tam

No one can refuse the good smell coming from the street side. You also see broken rice is served in typically restaurant; they will serve a small bowl of sauce and a small bowl of soup broth or vegetable with this popular dish. It is one of popular Traditional Vietnamese food in Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh City.

The reason why the dish is popular in daily life of local residents because of its simplicity to cook using fractured rice grain. This kind of rice is very cheap in Vietnam; even sellers can rub rice till it getting broken. This makes Vietnamese Broken Rice is quite different from Vietnamese meals prepared with normal rice. It is usually served with grilled pork (either ribs or shredded) plus a Vietnamese dish called thinly shredded pork skin over broken rice.
Vietnamese Broken Rice - Com Tam

Grilled pork is considered as one of main elements creates an interesting plate of Vietnamese Broken Rice. Meat is often blended with sugar, salt, mononatriglutamat, garlic, onion.... Some people add soy sauce or sesame oil when grilling meat to make wonderful smell and saffron color. Essentially, Vietnamese like to eat grilled foods. The rice and meat are served with various vegetable pickles, along with, omelet or grilled chopped meat. So many people said that if you want to know culture of Vietnam, you should enjoy Traditional Vietnamese food.
Vietnamese Broken Rice - Com Tam

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