From 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Price:45 USD


It is a fun ride around Saigon and learn more about history of each famous sites and Vietnamese culture of local places from the unique perspective of our guides. Besides, we also serve you some of the really special food that you have never tried before as the meaning of the CRAZY TOUR.

Do you want to see a different side of Saigon and go deeply in the local life? Let us take you out of District 1 and show you areas that most visitors do not get to see.

At 08:00 AM our English speaking driver team will pick you up at your hotel or specified place.

First of all, we will try one of the unique breakfast for local people which is called “pork organ porridge” in a local food store and then we will take you through the Saigon River Tunnel and stop on the top of the Tunnel to have city view.

After breakfast, we will take you to district 4 (the gangster area in the past) to tell you the story about the most dangerous place in HCMC. Moreover, you will have a chance to try the “Snake Wine” or the “Chinese Medical Wine” which is very good for your health. In addition, we also take a look on the real Vietnamese local market in the morning.

Then, we go to the Floating market in district 7 where we can take some photos  and learn more about the local lifestyle of the people there(slum area).

China town will be the next stop of us. We will visit one of the oldest Chinese Pagoda (Thousand Buddha Pagoda), was built in 1959. On the way we go to the pagoda, we will pass Bird market, motorbike market, lantern market, silver jewelry... especially the ghost apartment.

After China Town, We will go back to the center area, district 3 where we will visit one of the biggest flower market in HCMC.

Last but not least, our guide will take you to the “Oldest Apartment” in district 3. We will stop there and walk around that area a few minutes to understand more about the local lifestyle and then we will move to the local restaurant to try some of the special food just only this tour we can get such as: “Baby Duck Egg” (Balut), Local snail or the beef organ hotpot and we also serve you one beer.

At around 12:00 PM, our friendly and professional tour guide will drop you at your hotel, after lots of smiles and experience from this adventure.





-        Thu Thiem River Tunnel

-       The Nguyen Thien Thuat area - the old apartment in district 3

-       The Biggest Flower market – District 10

-       The China Town – District 5

-       The Motorbike market

-       The Animal market – Chicken and bird market

-       The Chinese traditional medicine market

-       The Lantern market

-       The Ghost apartment

-       The Van Phat pagoda - was built in 1959

-       The Floating market see how local live in the boat.

-       The Slum area - See another life of local 

-       The Silver Jewelry Factory 

-       Go to unique island in district 4 -  The smallest district, see local life of the mafia area

Food and drinks:

-   "Bun Dau Mam Tom" :Vermicelli, pork, tofu, herbs, vegetables and shrimp past dip

-   Snake wine

-   Local snail and one beer

-  Baby duck egg

-  Beef organ hotpot


What's included?

  • Free hotel pick-up and drop-off (District 1, 3, and 5 - some exclusion apply)
  • High quality open-faced helmet
  • All food and drinks, motorbike, fuel
  • Pictures from your trip (email to you later)
  • Rain poncho (if needed)
  • Friendly and professional guides
  • Accident insurance
  • ... and lots of smiles