From 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Price:45 USD


Among 24 districts of Saigon there is district 4. Unlike the name ''4'', it is the oldest district of Saigon, and the smallest one as well. For years, district 4 maintains some very traditional culture, including the street food. By night, it becomes a real ''Paradise of street food'' with thousands kinds of food. If you are ready, please say goodbye to the boring tourist area sidewalks, join us to walk on the narrow alleys of district 4, tasting the real street food, and starting our adventure!

When the night falls, the local area of HCMC seems to be another city. Let's have a walk to feel the local life slowly, to know about the real Saigon. At 5:30 PM, our tour guides will take you to district 4 in a taxi. A night local market is our beginning. We meet friendly local people for some tropical fruits, which you have never tried before. Walking through the narrow alleys, we try snake wine and Vietnamese baguette, Banh mi, then stop for some steamed rice rolls, where you are going to be a cook. The next one, our guides will tell you some stories in one of the oldest churches in HCMC, where we try beef wrapped in leaves next to. Night life in local area is with lots of parties and singing. That's why after a flan cake in the egg shell, you will enjoy seafood with local beer in the party area. At last, after you are really really full and satisfied, we catch a taxi to go back to your hotel.

What's included?

  • Free hotel pick-up and drop-off (district 1, 3, and 5)
  • (A little extra money for another district).
  • All food and drinks, cool tissue, cultural gift.
  • Pictures from your trip (email to you later)
  • Rain poncho and umbrella (if needed)
  • Friendly and professional guide.
  • Lots of smiles
  • Travel insurance.



  • District 4, the paradise of street food
  • Local shops, local house, local pagoda, etc.
  • Vietnamese local market
  • Local narrow alleys
  • Chinese temple
  • Many venders and street food area
  • One of the oldest church in Saigon, since 1856

Food and Drink:

  • Tropical fruits
  • Sugar cane juice
  • Hollow bread
  • Snake wine
  • Vietnamese baguettee (Banh Mi) with local taste
  • Seafood with one beer
  • Pho (beef noodle soup)
  • Vietnamese dessert


  • Free hotel pick-up and drop-off (District 1, 3, and 5)
  • Taxi driver to district 4
  • All food and drinks, motorbike, fuel
  • Raincoat (if needed)
  • Friendly and professional guides
  • Accident insurance
  • ... and lots of smiles

Note: The Itinerary may be flexible.