From 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Price:45 USD


Our professional tour guides will bring the tourists the experience on the bike with the interesting traffic. Throughout 7 districts of Ho Chi Minh Minh, not only can the tourists catch every corner of the city, but they can also try the best local food ever.

Firstly,we gonna try a rice vermicelli with bbq pork in a local restaurant.

Then,we will take you to district 4 (aka gangster area in the past) and tell you a story of the most dangerous place in HCMcity and try Vietnamese baguette (Banh Mi).

Next stop,we will go to the illegal Floating market in district 7 that we can try coconut juice and know about the local lifestyle of the people here(slum area).

After district 7, our next stop is chinatown where we will visit one of the oldest chinese temple,motorbike market,bird market,jewelry store and ghost building.

The next thing will be one of the oldest Apartment in Saigon,Nguyen Thien Thuat area(was buildt by american during VN war).A pagoda insde this apartment, with some stunning views outside are our highlights here.

Leaving the local life in the oldest apartments, we'll come back to the crazily organized chaos of traffic, where the bikes and cars come from every direction. A few minutes after the experience, the tour will continue in the biggest flower market in Saigon, with thousands kinds of flowers from Dalat, the City of Flowers, and Sa Dec in Mekong Delta.

Next stop we gonna try a must-try drink in Vietnam,Coffee.Our guide will tell you a coffee stories and show you how to make a traditional coffee

At the end of the tour.We will try a hotpot or seafood dishes with beer and then our tour guide will take you back your hotel after lots of smiles and experience from this adventure.


-Nguyen Thien Thuat, the 50 years old apartment

-The flower market

-China Town

-Thousand Buddha Temple – was built in 1959

- Silver Jewelry Factory

-Lantern & silk market

-Motorbike market,bird-chicken market,ghost building,...

-Floating market and slum area

-District 4 – with its cuisine diversity



-Rice vermicelli with bbq pork

-Vietnamese baguette

-Vietnamese coffee

-Fresh coconut

-Hotpot or seafood dishes.

What's included?

  • Free hotel pick-up and drop-off in District 1, 3, and 5 (extra charge 5$ for other districts)
  • High quality open-faced helmet
  • All food and drinks, motorbike, fuel
  • Pictures from your trip (email to you later)
  • Rain poncho (if needed)
  • Friendly and professional guides
  • Accident insurance
  • ... and lots of smiles